Monday, July 27, 2009

July 26th

Date: Sunday, July 26th, 2009
Location: Whale and Ale, Kitchener, On.

Attendance: (7) Janey Red Brick, Jenn Wagner, Mike Sheils, John Bradey, Jeff Van Winden, Jef Theysmeyer, Chris Magno.

News: We discussed Lego sales/stores in Ontario, (Bricklink, Lasting Toys, and the Toy building zone) as well as Canadian exchange relating to Lego products and shipping relating to Lego Products. As well as future plans for WHaCKaLuG (example - Train show and Hobby show in Nov), new Lego products (Carousel, Fire Station).

We gave cheers to Jenn becomming a Lego Ambassador, we also gave cheers to her son Quinn, who won a Lego Building Challenge. We also discussed other Lego groups, their rules, or lack there of, bylaws, and legacies. We gave cheers for something else, which sadly has escaped me now.

As well as many other non Lego discussions, many not safe for work (or kids - at least the ones started by Janey) .
Hey, what happens in the WHaCKaLug, stays in the WHaCKaLug.

Show and Tell: Jef shared some older catalogs and then instigated a brick challenge for our next meeting.

Moc and Tell: Jon shared his stone house diorama crammed with amazing details, Jef shared his pneumatic artificial hand complete with various gestures, and Janey shared a partially semi-working prototype of her non-pneumatic hand.

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